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Protect Critical Infrastructure

Place your brand on one of the most important conversations in Cybersecurity today--fortifying critical infrastructure. Hack NYC allows you to shape the conversation and impact literally every industry: government, healthcare, finance, transportation, energy, law, policy.

Why Sponsor | Exhibit at HACK NYC 2018?

  • Spotlight your brand by reaching thousands of cybersecurity experts, influencers, and decision makers before during and after the event.
  • Demonstrate thought leadership by bringing your team to the sessions and best innovations to our exhibit area hall.
  • Generate qualified leads among critical infrastructure and security industry organizations ready to invest.
  • Complete your roster by attracting top talent.
  • Simple WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE logistics <<CLICK HERE>> -



General: $12,500


General: $9,500


General: $6,500

30" X 72" Table




Full Event Passes

? 4 passes

? 2 passes

? 1 passes

Add-on Discount

? 25%

? 20%

? 15%

Lead Retrieval (Scanners)

? Web App

? Web App


Logo on Website




Conference Bag

? Inserts

? Inserts


Passport Raffle




Event Signage




Featured Webinar


? Add-on

? Add-on

Bag Insert Literature




Live Stream Co-Sponsor Splash Page




Access to After Party

? 2 passes

? 2 passes

? 2 passes

Additional sponsorship opportunities:

Breakfast Sponsor $5000

Lunch Sponsor $5000

Lanyards: $2,000

Badges: $2,500

Full-page Program Ad: $2,000

Bags: $2,500

Bag Insert (pens, etc.): $1,000

After Party: $5,000

Half-page Program Ad: $1,000

Passport Inclusion: $1,000

T-shirts: $4,000

Speaker Pre-Event Interviews $1,000

Attendee Bag Literature: $1000


100-Pack Conference Passes: $3500

5/9 Job Fair $2000.00

Contact us for more information

If there are any questions please contact events@magegroupe.com or call 212-220-3963 Option 2 M-F 10am - 4pm EDT

Support Terms and Conditions Agreement

Sponsorship Agreement: between the event-specific HACKNYC organizer (“Organizer”) and ("Sponsor") is valid from the date it is fully executed through the end of the sponsored event (or a 12 month period for Global Sponsors).


Sponsor Marketing Use Agreement: Sponsor may use the following tagline on its marketing materials during the term of this Sponsorship Agreement: “Official Sponsor of HACKNYC 2018”.


Production Timeline: In order for Organizer to fulfill all promotional benefits for Sponsor, Sponsor agrees to meet all Organizer related submission deadlines: Trademark/Logo, Sponsor URL, Ad (if applicable), Banner display (if applicable), will be sent within 10 business days from the date this Sponsorship Agreement is fully executed. All items will be submitted one month prior to the event or production deadline.


Sponsor Trademark Usage Agreement: Sponsor agrees to allow Organizer to use Sponsor’s trademark/logo/tagline solely to perform and fulfill its obligations under the Sponsorship Kit and this Sponsorship Agreement.


Sponsor Trademark Usage: Notwithstanding Section 4 above, Sponsor agrees to allow Organizer the right to use Sponsor’s trademark/logo/tagline and graphics on all of the promotional benefits, including but not limited to: The Web banner add to be posted on the event and HACKNYC Web pages Sponsor benefit items Organizer detailed on the Support Package section Any Exhibit Hall promotional banner and signage/lanyard, etc.


Web Reference: Sponsor may publish an Internet hyperlink from Sponsor’s website to the event-specific and HACKNYC websites (www.hacknyc.com), and maintain the hyperlink as an active, functional, and correct link to the websites through the duration of the event and thereafter unless removal is requested by Sponsor.


Payment: Full payment must accompany this application and Sponsorship Agreement and be received by Organizer. Payment can also be sent via Electronic Funds Transfer, Credit Card or Check. Failure to pay full balance will subject sponsorship to cancellation.


Non-endorsement: The use of Sponsor's name within HACKNYC or event-specific websites or mailing lists does not constitute endorsement by HACKNYC or Organizer of the Sponsor, the Sponsor’s services, products or programs. Additionally, the Sponsor is not permitted to represent in any manner that such products, services, or programs have been endorsed by HACKNYC or Organizer.


Non-exclusivity: Neither HACKNYC or Organizer awards exclusive sponsorship or establishes exclusive relationships with Sponsors. Sponsor shall not imply that such a preferential relationship exists between Sponsor and HACKNYC or Organizer.


Limited Liability: In the event that circumstances beyond the commercially reasonable control of Organizer interferes with, or prevents, Organizer from fulfilling, in part, or all of, Sponsor’s promotional benefits under this Sponsorship Agreement, Sponsor, by signing this Sponsorship Agreement, holds Organizer, HACKNYC, as well as their respective Board of Directors and employees harmless from all legal and financial liability to Sponsor, caused by such circumstances, beyond the fee paid by Sponsor for this sponsorship.


Force Majeure: Neither HACKNYC, Organizer, or Sponsor shall be deemed in default of this Sponsorship Agreement to the extent that performance of its obligations or attempts to cure any breach are delayed or prevented by reason of any act of God, fire, natural disaster, accident, act of government, or any

other causes beyond its commercially reasonable control.


Rejection: HACKNYC and Organizer reserve the right to reject a potential sponsor for any reason.


Entire Agreement: This and all attachments hereto, constitute the entire Sponsorship Agreement.

Sponsorship Level (Check One)


  Bronze ($6500.00)  Gold ($12500.00)  Silver ($9500.00)


 Custom (Amount/Item)_____________________________________________________


 Agent ID __________

________________________________________                 ________________________________________

Authorized Company Representative (print name)                  HACKNYC Representative (print name)



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